Emerald drawing with watercolour



DIOR and I
Vintage vs. Contemporary

I was so inspired watching last Dior fashion show and I was thinking how many beautiful models were created over the years. I decided to share my inspiration with you. I prepared a new course which includes vintage and contemporary looks of a famous fashion house. We will work with watercolor and learn how to mix precise shades of colour  how to apply them on a paper to reach specific effects. We will discuss variations of fashion poses and will choose which one is the best for your drawing. Then we will learn how to imitate leopard pattern and how to draw drapes, pleats and transparent fabrics. And of course we will enjoy the most incredible Dior’s dresses!

Starts: 19 of April
When: Wednesdays, 18.30 – 21.00 (2,5 hours) 
Duration: 10 lessons (25 hours)
Where: Prague 7, Atelier Letna
Small group: max.7 people.
Level: Pre-intermediate and higher

Course Description:

1. More about Watercolor. Flat wash. Graduated wash (shades). Dry and wet brush strokes.
2. 3 the most useful poses in Fashion Illustration.
3. Colour palette: Shades of Red. Graduated wash (colours).
4. How to draw drapes and pleats.
5. Vintage illustration. Shapes, poses and outlines.
6. Dior’s leopard dress. Improving wet on wet effect.
7. Contemporary illustration. Silhouette. Dior’s black suite.
8. Modern Look. Transparent fabric.
9.,10. Your favourite Dior’s runway look.
Fees: 4650 Kc
To book your place and for further information please contact me via form below. Or write me at hello@irinakay.fashion
Places are limited
, max.7 people.

watercolour effects on haute couture Delpozo dress

Drawing lessons in Prague with a professional illustrator

Advanced Watercolor Effects for Fashion illustrators

Starts: 30 March (Thursday) at 9.00 till 11.30 (2,5 hours)
Duration: 10 lessons (25 hours)
Level: Advanced
Place: Prague 1

To book your place and for further information please contact me via form below. Or write me at hello@irinakay.fashion

Please register to the course in advance! Places are limited max.4 people. (left only one place)


Seaside and underwater life with watercolour effects, sea stars seashells mussels

Watercolour Drawing Course for Beginners in Prague

Aquatic Life with Watercolor

Starts: 13 March (Monday) at 9.00 till 12.00 (3 hours)
Duration: 9 lessons (27 hours)
Level: Beginners
Place: Prague 1

During this watercolor course students will learn how start to draw with liquid media. They will try different watercolor techniques, including wet and dry brush strokes, graduated and flat wash. Also students will learn the special effects colour theory. Slowly step by step we will use new techniques drawing beautiful underwater life, sea stars, jelly fishes, sea shells and exotic fishes. On a final lesson students will learn about a style of contemporary illustrator.

Course Description:
1. How to start. Flat wash. Graduated wash (shades). Dry and wet brush strokes.
2. Color Theory. Color Grid. Graduated wash (colors). Drawing pearl.
3, 4. Color gradation #1. Drawing underwater minerals.
5. Color gradation #2. Drawing seashells, mussels.
6, 7. Special effects #1. Salt. Drawing aquatic life, sea stars.
8. Special effects #2. Wet onto wet. Wet on dry. Drawing aquatic life, exotic fishes.
9. Creative process. Learning a style of contemporary illustrator and styling.


Beautiful Watercolor Portraits of Woman

Fashion Illustration Portrait Course for beginners in english in Prague

Fashion Portrait for Beginners

Starts: 1 February (Wednesday) at 18.30 till 21.00 (2,5 hours)
Duration: 10 lessons (25 hours)
Level: Beginners
Place: Prague 7, Letna

During the course students will learn how to draw Fashion Portrait. They will try different techniques, including pencil, ink and soft media. Also students will learn the basic proportions of a fashion face with make up, how to mix colours and create emotions. As a final work students will draw a portrait with accessory and learn secrets of making their illustration stylish!

Course Description:
1. The proportions of the fashion face. Black and White. Pencil. 
2. Drawing Eyes and make up, mixed media.
3. Drawing Lips, mixed media.
4. Drawing Emotions! 😉
5. 6. Stylisation of Fashion Portrait.
7. Artistic paper.
8. Accessory: Jewellery.
9.,10. Final Artwork: Portrait with accessory.
To book your place and for further information please contact me via form below. Or write me at hello@irinakay.fashion


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About Watercolor & Me

My artistic career began at the age of 11. During my childhood, drawing always fascinated me. Learning the history of art, I was impressed how traditions of drawing have changed from ancient to modern art. Like a little Cubist I had fun playing with shapes in art school. As an Impressionist I found my color palette studying at university. Later at Parsons in Paris I came closer to contemporary art experimenting with my traditional academic skills.

Watercolor is one of the most difficult techniques I studied. I was never good until I was 27. While working in a fashion magazine I didn’t draw regularly for almost 5 years. When I started to draw with watercolor again every day was a completely new life for me. My brushstrokes were bright, fast, and unpredictable. With those new feelings I started my first fashion sketchings.

A lot of practice is the best way to learn watercolor. Even a million words will not give you the feeling for the right amount of “water” and “color” to mix and reach watercolors beautiful drawing effects. It helps to watch how other professionals work, then practise repeating their technique yourself.

For the past four years I have shared my skills teaching fashion illustration in Prague.
Here are some of my courses and workshops:

The Fashion Portrait Course
The Fashion Figure Course
Sketchbook Drawing Course
Mood Boards and Fashion Trends Course
Watercolour Drawing Course

Please feel free to contact me
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